Mayan Legends Video Slot

Mayan Legends is one of three Mayan themed games from IWG. This particular game is an instant win title and one which centres its theme on the mystical world of Mayan religion – what little we know of it.

However, IWG have decided to make this a colourful and creative retelling of the theme. Designed using 3D graphics, Mayan Legends certainly looks the part, but does it have what it takes to impress?

Placing bets

Players can raise or lower the stake from £1 up to £10 in total, which is a modest wagering range for any instant win game. Once your bets have been staked, you will be greeted by a 6×6 grid, containing many different forms of masks.

The basic idea is to match off masks and fill the meter located away to the right of the grid. Three or more placed masks will result in players pocketing a reward.


The winnings in the Mayan Legends game are modest but fair. Players can hope to land decent wins, but that isn’t really going to be the reality in this IWG developed instant win game.

In fact, the RTP (return to player) rate is only a lowly 85.16%. This means that the game will pay out 85.16p for every £1 that is bunged into it. That’s not good odds by any stretch, especially when you consider that most other instant win games have an RTP rate of at least 90%, and many slots go as high as 95%-96%.

Mayan Legends is worth a look if you fancy your chances at instant win games such as this, but if you want to play a game with generous return to player rates and decent prizes, you may be better looking at other Mayan themed games which aren’t developed by IWG.