Mayan Bonus Instant Win Game

Mayan Bonus is yet another Mayan-themed instant win games by IWG, which sports a unique design and chances to win up to £150,000.

The game can be played for as little as 50p, all the way up to £15. This makes it perfect for all types of budgets and the fast-paced nature of the game means you can give it a go even when you’ve only got a little gaming time to spare.

All in all, Mayan Bonus is an exciting title, but how do you play it and how do you win? Read on to find out.


In Mayan Bonus, the game is placed on a circular wheel. Nine tribal masks surround the wheel, whilst there are nine bonus slots in the inner circle.

Each time you press the ‘Play’ button, the wheel will spin and land on one of the nine masks. This will either reveal a cash amount or a golden ball. Find three matching cash amounts to win a prize or nine golden balls to unlock the bonus game.

If you manage to locate nine golden balls (which will each take a place in the bonus slots on the inner circle), the inner wheel will then spin. It will land on one of the bonus slots to reveal a guaranteed cash prize.

Moreover, all golden balls collected will remain between games. This means that you can simply keep playing until all nine balls are collected.

Winnings and Payouts

Mayan Bonus boasts a maximum payout potential of 10,000x your bet. This means that if you play the minimum bet size of 50p, you can win up to £5,000, or £150,000 if you place the maximum bet of £15.

The game also boasts an RTP of 89.86%, which is fairly good for an instant win title. This makes it a decent game to play when you’re bored of slots or table games or for when you just want a quick chance at winning big reward.