Jimi Hendrix

One of NetEnt’s greatest triumphs, the NetEnt Rocks Trilogy brings together three Rock legends: Guns ‘N Roses, Jimi Hendrix, and Motorhead, and transforms them into three legendary slots that are popular even years after their introduction.

Based On A Legend

Jimi Hendrix carries the same mechanics as the other two titles and that includes an integrated system in which players can listen to Jimi Hendrix tunes as they spin the slot. It’s a very unique feature and makes the slot (and the other two as well) fresh and dynamic in a way that can’t be beat.

A standard 5 by 3 slot, Jimi Hendrix incorporates all the associated paraphernalia associated with the iconic Rock star. Everything from the look of the reel to each symbol reflects the Hendrix brand in some form and anyone who happens to be a fan of him will be delighted by this.

Main Features

Because NetEnt are full of surprises, they manage to hide many different features which keep players on their toes and engaged with the content, as if the music and the psychedelic imagery didn’t do that already…

Perhaps the one downside is perhaps that Jimi Hendrix is a bit too reliant on its theme. Strip away all that Jimi Hendrix stuff and what do you have remaining? There’s quite a lot, actually. Aside from its identity, the slot has a lot to offer and players will have a blast playing it regardless.

And if you’re not a fan Jimi Hendrix? You can still play the slot! All you have to do is turn the sound on mute, though we think that takes away from the experience somewhat.


In conclusion, Jimi Hendrix the video slot will make fans and non-fans of the iconic rock star nod their heads in unison in ecstasy as they play. An overall good experience.