Hi Lo Blackjack

HI Lo Blackjack is an interesting take on traditional blackjack gameplay. The game has been developed by Realistic Games, and is one of the leading mobile casino blackjack games on the net. Of course, like most blackjack games, the objective is to get as close to 21 points without going bust, and beating the dealer in the process. Hi Lo Blackjack does have a twist, though, and that you can place a bet on Hi or Low whilst you play standard blackjack. If your second card is higher or lower in value than the dealer’s card (depending on whether you bet higher or lower) then you will win even money on your side-bet. In the event of a pair of aces, the side-bets are pushed, whilst if the first card is a 2-9, and the second card is an ace, the bet is lost.

Placing bets

Players must first choose to place down a bet in the standard blackjack betting circle. Once they have done this, they will get the option of placing a side-bet if they wish. Players can use the 1.00, 5.00, 25.00, 100.00, and 500.00 coin chips to do this. Once bets have been placed, players can get about playing their standard blackjack game with or without the hi/lo side-bet.

Aside from the side-bet, the remainder of this blackjack game is virtually the same as any other classic blackjack game. This is clever because it gives players two very different options to play with at top mobile and casino sites.


Realistic Games’ Hi Lo Blackjack doesn’t feature unusual rules or prizes. In the classic blackjack game, players can win 3:2 with blackjack, whilst insurance wins pay at 2:1. Players can also pocket 1:1 wins on all standard wins (without blackjack). The dealer must stand on all 17s in this blackjack game.

As we’ve said, the hi/lo part of the side-bet can see players who successfully predict the outcome of that all-important second card can win even money (1:1) on their side-bet.