Gorilla Go Wild SC

NextGen Gaming has a habit of making its top slot machine games scratch cards, too. This one fits the mould perfectly. It is themed on their successful Gorillas Go Wild scratch card, and like all of their titles, players need to match 3 symbols in order to win a cash prize. There is no bonus round in this scratch card, although there is a link to take you over to the original Gorillas Go Wild video slot, if you wish to try your hand at that later on.

Placing bets

Gorillas Go Wild is a fun-loving slot, and so its scratch card has to be that, too. Part of the fun you can have with this scratch card is wagering what you think is right. To that end, most instances of this scratch card will allow you to wager anything from 30p up to £180 a go. This makes it a very open scratch card game, and most players will be over the moon about that.


Naturally, as is always the case with online scratch cards; the more you wager, the more you can win. Players are going to have to match 3 identical symbols to win cash prizes in this game, with certain symbols being worth more than others in the 3×3 grid. If you should manage to win the top prize in the scratch card, you are looking at walking away with around about 1,000x your total bet in all. This is a more than decent return on your stakes by any standards.


Gorillas Go Wild was a fun slot. The scratch card is fun, too, though understandably not as exciting as its namesake. Wins occur frequently enough, but there is just something missing from this game. Cheaper bets or even a petite bonus round would really have made this scratch card something special, but neither are present in the instant win game.