French Roulette Gold

About French Roulette Gold

Evolution Gaming are one of the biggest developers of live dealer casino software, so it shouldn’t really come as a surprise to learn that they have ample roulette variants for you to play. French Roulette Gold is just one such example. Streamed out of Riga, Evolution Gaming’s French Roulette Gold offer high-quality live dealer casino action, with players able to get to grips with classic French roulette gaming, and with a positively low house edge of just 1.35%, there’s a lot to play for with this live roulette game.

Placing bets

The chip values in this roulette game range from £1 up to £100, so it is not an inherently cheap roulette game to play. However, those are to the table limits. In fact, a minimum stake in the French Roulette Gold game will set you back at least £2 per game. If you are particularly flush with cash, you can wager as much as £50,000 on a single bet.

The betting table is wonderfully designed with 3D graphics, is red in colouration and the game offers all your classic French roulette bets, including Manque, Passe, Impair, Pair and, of course, the La Partage rule.


The house edge in this roulette game is just 1.35%, so players have a more than reasonable chance of landing a win when they play the game. Low/high, red/black, odd and even bets pay out at 1:1, whilst dozen and column bets cough up 2:1. Players can win 5:1, 6:1, or 8:1 with 6-number, 5-number or 4-number combo bets in this game, whilst trios cough up 11:1. A split bet is worth 17:1, whilst straight-up wins can land you 35:1 in French Roulette Gold.


Evolution Gaming’s French Roulette Gold can see players try their hand a live dealer roulette from their mobile phones, too – which is rare for live dealer games. The title offers up a Monte Carlo feel to it and offers gameplay in English. This is their high-roller version of French roulette, and other, less demanding versions do exist if you favour wagering less.