Dolphin’s Roulette

When it comes to playing some casino games online, many prefer to play video slots or table games. Among those table games is Roulette, and Dolphin’s Roulette is the sort of game that delivers us a slot as well as a table game in one.

Slots And Roulette Combined!

Yes, Dolphin Roulette is a slot and roulette combined in one unique game and it truly does inspire anyone who plays it.

It makes you wonder why there aren’t more games like this. Things get even more exciting when you consider that there’s an actual live human dealer involved too!

The theme is based on the slot game Dolphin’s Pearl with a single reel presented a side game to the original Roulette title. Place bets from between £1 and £100 a spin. Having these kinds of bet allows you more opportunities to make money.

RTP And Betting Strategies

The rules of Dolphin’s Roulette remains as that of the classic version of Roulette. Where it differs, however, is when you can bet from 0 to 36.

There are also betting lines such as straight, split, street, corner, trio, top line, column and dozen. These are all the main betting lines with payouts which begin from 100%  to 35 times your bet amount.

Your betting strategy becomes manic with this game as you have to split your efforts between a slot and a Roulette table simultaneously. It’s a doozy for sure and challenges you in ways that you may not expect. At the same time, it’s an interesting experience and we recommend trying it out at least once.


The best strategy we can recommend is by gradually increasing your bet every round you play.

It may not win you every round you play but it is the best tactic to get at least one win. Be sure to check it out, regardless and don’t forget have a blast while doing so!