Crossword Cash

Made by Specialty Games, Crossword Cash is one of very few games that you can assimilate into your daily life. To win in Crossword Cash, all you have to do is match letters. Sounds simple, right? Think about this game like how you would about the daily crosswords you find in the newspapers. A little bit a day will definitely lift your moods.

How to Play Crossword Cash

Playing this game is extremely simple, even if you are not an experienced crossword player. In this game, you will be presented with 18 letters and you will have to match them on a grid to win prizes.

It goes without saying: the more words that you are able to form, the more money that you will be able to win. At all times, you will be able to keep track of the money up for grabs – so make sure to keep an eye on it.

At the very start of the game, you will be asked to select your stakes. One thing that we liked about Crossword Cash is how it will suit players of all kinds of budgets. If you are ‘feeling the words’ on a particular day, you can wager all the way up to £25. Once you have selected your stakes, simply click play and the 18 letters will be presented to you.

Winning in Crossword Cash

It really is as simple as it seems to be. All you have to do to win is create words. Forming three words will guarantee you a prize money and you will be taking home the Jackpot when you create ten words. The following are the amount of money you win upon successfully forming words on the grid:

  • Three words – 25 coins
  • Four words – 50 coins
  • Five words – 100 coins
  • Six words – 250 coins
  • Seven words – 1,250 coins
  • Eight words – 2,500 coins
  • Nine words – 12,500 coins
  • Ten words – 150,000 coins (also the jackpot)