Casino Hold’em

About Casino Hold ‘em

As Evolution Gaming’s number one live dealer casino hold’em title, this game has a huge fan base. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that it is available across the net, and is streamed out of several European locations, including the hub in Latvia. The game features multiple camera angles, HD quality streams, is mobile-friendly, offers random shuffles and even side-bets. Provided you know your way around a Texas Hold’em table, then Evolutions’ Casino Hold’em game should pose no problem for your average punter.

Placing bets

As the main offering from Evolution Gaming to deal with casino hold’em, this game is naturally affordable for most players. Bets are cheap enough, costing just £1 per hand at their cheapest. Of course, if you wish to up the ante (so to speak), you can actually wager as much as £3,000 per hand on Casino Hold’em.

Players have the usual, fold or call options open to them here, and the three community cards also make an appearance alongside your two-hole cards. There is nothing out of the ordinary in this department. Bonus bets do exist, though. You can bet on receiving a pair of aces or higher in the first five cards. This is an adventurous side-bet if ever there was one.


Casino Hold’em pays out at even money for the simpler hands in the game. However, if you’ve got a stellar hand, payouts can be worth as much as 100:1. Bonus wagers can bring bonus prizes, and these also vary depending on the ranking of the hand you have in your initial 5 cards (if you have one at all). These payouts range from 7:1 up to 100:1, but as you might imagine, few players are bold enough to make too many of these side-bets.


You only must look at the popularity of Evolution Gaming’s Casino Hold’em to see that this game is a winner. As the number one hold’em game from casino software provider, it is commonly found all over the internet and attracts rank newbies and professional veterans alike.