Cash Buster Instant Win Game

Cash Buster Towers has been designed and developed by IWG, a small UK casino games provider which is relatively unheard of in larger circles. The Cash Buster Towers game is not a slot machine, but actually an instant win title, which explains why so few casinos are able to offer the game, and why so few players have heard of it.

The basic premise of the game is to block up various coloured bricks in a bid to topple the towers in the game. Although more complex than your average instant win title, players must remember that this is an instant win game, and therefore not expect too much from it in terms of excitement.

Placing bets

Wagers are not fixed, although you don’t have quite the same level of complexity in Cash Buster Towers as you do in your average, run-of-the-mill slot machine. Cash Buster Towers is more of a lottery game than anything else, so a modest wagering range can be expected by players who wish to give this instant win game a run for its money.

Whilst the wagering in Cash Buster Towers is not remotely complex, the same cannot be said of its difficult to grasp gameplay.


In total, players can actually win a maximum cash prize of £1,000 with this instant win game. To get your hands-on Cash Buster Towers non-progressive prize, you are going to need to knock over the towers completely. This is no small feat. Aside from that, there are bonus rounds located on the main reels and when 4 stars or arrow symbols are awarded, players can unlock free spins which can destroy more bricks, leading to the potential collapse of the towers. Players can also pocket a grand in their hand if they collect 4 or 6 circle symbols.