Boss The Lotto Video Slot Machine

Boss the Lotto is an instant win game, and one which has the capacity to teach you about the “other side” of the lottery. Imagine a lottery game where you are trying to find the balls which did not get picked for the win. That is the basic concept of the game. Boss the Lotto costs anything from £1 to £10 per game, and comes with a top prize worth £500,000 in total.

How to play

Players will be greeted by a screen with 49 different numbered (and in some cases coloured) balls. As we’ve said, it is their job to pick the numbers which did not form a winning combination, in order to win. The more numbers you successfully locate, the bigger your wins will be.

After correctly guessing 6 numbers, players can cash out their winnings. This is known as the Cash Out Point, and every guess beyond this figure gives you this option. Of course, if you guess one of the blacked out numbers before the cash out point (or before you cash out) you will lose your bet.

The basic idea is that you decide to pull out of this gambling game with your winnings before you hit one of the blacked out balls.

How to win the jackpot

If you want to get your hands on the vast £500,000 jackpot, you will need to go all the way. This involves correctly selecting 43 out of the 49 numbers, without missing a single black. Your odds of success aren’t great at all, but somebody will be able to do it.


Boss the Lotto is an instant win game, and it is not exactly a captivating one at that. It is certainly far more creative than many of the other lotto themed games we’ve seen on the net, but we would personally like to have seen something which was able to keep us on our toes for a little while longer than this speciality game can. It’s not a bad effort for an instant win game, but it is hardly captivating stuff.