Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond is a glittering example of a relatively unknown video slot that manages to shine despite the anonymity. It may not appeal to everyone but that’s the risk we all take when we try out new slots.

Blue Diamond Features

With Blue Diamond, you have a 3 reel structure that delivers frequent wins to all players involved. You can win up to 888x your original stake doing this through this classically themed slot through acquiring a multitude of Blue Diamonds. You may also win the jackpot here as well, which means you’ll get an even bigger cash prize as a result.

To get a higher or lower stake on each win, you can select the ‘+’ or ‘-’ button to increase or decrease the amount set per line or the amount of coins put into your wager. Blue Diamond also has an autoplay feature which you can use instead of manually spinning the reel yourself. Choose between 10 and 100 auto spins and select a specific stop after a certain loss.

Other Features

Once you’ve adjusted all the settings, you can then press the spin button which will allow you to get as much as you need out of the slot as possible. There is the much coveted Diamond Wild which offers up the main feature of Blue Diamond which, after three of them appear, will trigger respins which can prove extremely advantageous.

blue-diamond-slot-game_765x460If 2 wild symbols appear on the reels this will trigger a respin of the two remaining reels aside from the main one. If 3 wild symbols appear then that could mean you’re in for a windfall of 888x your original stake.

Biggest Prize

This means that a mega prize of up to £10,000 could be won which makes the slot all the better to play. A pretty fine reason to do so, if you want all this to happen then you should definitely start playing right now.