Blackjack Platinum VIP

About Blackjack Platinum VIP

If you love live dealer blackjack games and you have a decent bankroll to play with (you’ll have to be fairly well-off to play this game) then Evolution Gaming’s Blackjack Platinum VIP could be for you. This live dealer casino game is costly but provides excellent excitement to those who like to take risks, such as high-flyers and rollers. Blackjack Platinum VIP is a variant which is based on classic blackjack and uses 8 decks. Side-bets are possible, and the game features a live stream from Riga, Latvia. It is mobile-friendly and offers HD quality video streams, with multiple camera angles able to be selected by players. Unless you are a serious blackjack enthusiast and you’ve got the finances to match, this game won’t be everybody’s cup of tea.

Placing bets

As we’ve said, you’ve got to have some pretty deep pockets to be able to play even just a few hands at this table. Evolution Gaming have made the game somewhat exclusive (hence its VIP title) and a single hand at the game costs a mouth-watering £250. Of course, the cost of a hand can rise far beyond that if you’re well-to-do. As you can imagine, you get a proper VIP experience for your money, with chatty and friendly hosts, and each game tends to have different maximum wager limits, so you’ll need to pay attention to that.


The game comes with a handful of side-bets, such as 21+3 and Perfect Pairs options. These are hardly going to interest serious blackjack players, though. Having blackjack sees players win at a 3:2 rate, with insurance bets paying out at 2:1, and any win offering you even money. The dealer must stand on 17 in this game and must draw to at least 16.


Of course, this is not a live dealer blackjack game for the faint-hearted, and players who may think they qualify for the table might find themselves turfed out in record time if they don’t have the finances to compete. Despite being a fairly exclusive game, a large crowd tends to get their rocks off playing Blackjack Platinum VIP.