Blackjack One Live

The best part about the Blackjack One game designed by Extreme Live Gaming is the fact that the developers of this game are specialized in making live dealer games.

Unlike many other software developers that simply go on to make as many games as possible to maximize profits, Extreme Live has chosen to forge a different path.

The main value proposition for all their games is that these games are made with user experience as a first priority. All games are tested extensively before going live. In fact, Extreme Live Gaming constantly update their games to improve user experiences.

Blackjack One Gameplay

Blackjack One by Extreme Live Gaming features a live dealer in all available sessions. The rules for the blackjack here are similar to that of the classic blackjack variation.  In play will be eight decks of cards, and you are able to hit, stand, double down, split, and take an insurance.

In Blackjack One, the dealer stands on a soft 17 and he or she may peak at the hole card for a blackjack. Oh, before we forget to mention, here are some plays you are not allowed to make:

  • Players are not allowed to surrender
  • Players are not allowed to re-split
  • Players are not allowed to double after a split

House-edge wise, we are looking at a decent percentage of 0.41%, so if you are an experienced player or just good at Blackjack, you will definitely be walking home with some extra cash in your pockets.

Blackjack One Performance

Now, the best part of playing Blackjack One by Extreme Live Gaming over games by other developers is simply the blackjack experience that Extreme Live offers.

From our experience playing this game, we encountered zero lags and stutters. If you are looking to play live dealer Blackjack, we highly recommend you checking out Blackjack One!