Lucky Lucky Blackjack

Lucky Lucky Blackjack is an NYX Gaming developed blackjack game, and one of their more original blackjack variants. The game is very similar to their Lucky Ladies blackjack variant and offers you a more than decent house edge of just 0.37%. By contrast, you have a lot more to lose in the many other blackjack variants out there on the net.

How to play the game

Just like Lucky Ladies, Blackjack: Lucky Lucky features a total of six decks in its shoe. It can be played like any traditional blackjack game if you wish, with the objective being to outrank the dealer’s hand by getting as close to 21 points as possible, without busting.

Lucky Lucky will see dealer’s stand on 17, and draw at 16 or less. The player must make all their moves before the dealer does, and if they have an instant blackjack they will win outright.

There is a Lucky Lucky side-bet in this game, which is where the game takes its name from. Although this can initially appear rather complex, once you get a few hands under your belt, you will quickly understand the ins and outs of it all.


Blackjack pays out at 3:2, whilst any other win in the game (save for pushes) will result in a standard 1:1 blackjack pay-out. The side-bet is where the real action is at, though.

Having a 19 or 20-point hand can see you win 2:1, whilst blackjack pays at 3:1 with the side-bets. All cards suited in a 21-point hand is worth 15:1. Players who have 6-7-8 can win 25:1, whilst a 7-7-7 hand is worth 50:1 with side-bets. Side-bets can also see you win 100:1 for a 6-7-8 suited hand, whilst a 7-7-7 suited hand is worth a massive 200:1 pay-rate.


There can be no denying that placing a side-bet in Lucky Lucky Blackjack is an extremely tempting prospect. The odds are decent on you coming away with something, and this makes Blackjack: Lucky Lucky one of the most creative and prosperous blackjack variants on the net.