Blackjack Grand VIP

Blackjack Grand VIP by Evolution Gaming is a blackjack table for the true high rollers of mobile casinos. Due to the huge minimum and maximum bets, you could win more than on any other casino table online.

However, you’ll also need to have a stomach for it. Oh, and a lot of cash too…

In short, here’s what you’ll find at this new game from the top online casino table game provider:

  • Bet Limits: £500 to £5,000
  • Side Bets: Perfect Pair, 21+3
  • Options: Insurance, Split, Double Down
  • RTP: 99.39% for blackjack bets

This may seem like a table way out of many players’ reach. However, there are actually many advantages to playing there. Check them out below.

Blackjack Grand VIP Table Gameplay

There are two amazing advantages to playing at Blackjack Grand VIP rather than anywhere else. First of all, it has a slightly higher RTP, which is a great balance for the high bet limits.

So, if you have enough money to place some bets, your chances to come out on top are factually better.

On top of that, it’s a fairly new table. Plus, since not that many players can afford this sort of entertainment, there are always empty places by the table.

As a result, you’ll get a true VIP experience:

  1. Your payouts are better than those of casual gamblers
  2. You’ll never have to wait for an open spot at one of these rooms

Blackjack Grand VIP Rules

Blackjack Grand VIP also features the most professional and serious casino dealers. So, a fair and classy casino experience is a guarantee.

Other than that, standard Blackjack game rules apply. It’s a multi-deck game with all the blackjack bets, side bets and 21+3 bet options. The cards have usual values, where face cards are all worth 10 points.

Play Blackjack Grand VIP at Evolution casinos such as Touch Lucky right here.