Blackjack Diamond VIP – Live Casino Game

About Diamond VIP

Of all the VIP games developed by Evolution Gaming, Diamond VIP Live Blackjack is perhaps the costliest, reserved for only the highest of high-rollers. Streamed live out of both London and Riga, this blackjack game is played with a total of 8 decks and does not permit early payouts. The game is mobile-friendly, offers HD quality video streams and allows players to adjust the camera angles to their liking. A random shuffle machine is in action to ensure fair play, and side-bets are possible in this blackjack game (both the 21+3 and Perfect Pairs side-bets can be utilised if you wish). The rest of the blackjack rules are standardised, so experienced blackjack players (which you’d have to be with these stakes) shouldn’t encounter too many problems.

Placing bets

We mentioned that you must be rich to earn a seat at this blackjack table – well, nothing could be truer. In fact, a game costs at least £1,000 per hand. If you’re feeling flush, you can up the ante to £5,000 per hand, and that naturally weeds out the field, so only the richest players are really going to feel inclined to give this blackjack game a run for its money.


The dealer stands on all 17s and must draw to 16 in this blackjack game. Beating the dealer with any hand delivers the standard 1:1 pay rate, whilst ramming home a blackjack hand will see you pocket 3:2. Insurance bets are possible in the game and can see players win 2:1. Doubling or splitting are permitted in the game,


Evolution Gaming gathers a lot of attention with its high-roller blackjack games, which are just a small part of its high-roller suite of titles. Whilst it is safe to say that Diamond VIP won’t be everybody’s cup of tea (even if they can afford to have a seat at the table), there are plenty of other live dealer blackjack games out there from this developer which cost far less to play. If you do wish to play this one, you may have to dig around as it is not terribly easy to find, because it is a VIP game.