Blackjack Classic

What you see is what you get with Net Entertainment’s Blackjack Classic slot machine game. This is a table game which offers simple, easy-to-grasp blackjack gameplay, and of the sort that all players will be perfectly able to handle. Blackjack Classic is so simplistic in terms of what it offers that even a novice with relatively little blackjack experience will quickly be able to sit down and play. Just a single deck of cards is used in this blackjack game.

Placing bets

Because this is a very standard and basic blackjack game, players aren’t going to find the wagering range out of the ordinary. Players can stake anything from £1 per hand, up to £40 per hand on this game, giving them a pretty broad wagering range to play with.

Players can also stake bets on multiple hands (up to five at a time). What is remarkable about NetEnt’s Blackjack Classic game is that there are three formats for you to play. There are low-roller, high-roller, and standard roller version of this game. Low-roller games have table limits of 10p to £5, whilst high-roller games have table limits of £25 up to £500. As mentioned, the standard edition can see you wager anything from £1 up to £40.


The winnings in this blackjack game are the same as you would expect5 to find in any other blackjack game. Winning with blackjack can see you pocket wins of 3:2. Dealers must stand on 17 and draw to 16. Any standard win over the dealer will see you pocket a 1:1 pay-rate. From what we could gauge, it does not appear as though insurance bets are possible in this blackjack game.


You can’t ask for a much simpler blackjack game than Blackjack Classic. NetEnt have made it possible for you to wager whatever you like on this game, and that certainly has its appeal. As we’ve said, the simplistic rules and basic gameplay make it ideal for all players, whether they are a novice or a seasoned, battle-hardened blackjack veteran.