Blackjack Lucky Ladies

NYX Interactive aren’t especially known for their table games, but Blackjack: Lucky Ladies is one of the stellar, stand-out blackjack games you can play in the online casino world. This table game uses a slightly different rule variation than you are perhaps used to seeing, and can see players place side-bets as well as wager on the traditional game itself.

How to play the game

A total of six decks are used in Lucky Ladies, and it doesn’t fit into the traditional mould of either American or European blackjack. Players can wager on up to 3 hands at once, and two cards are initially dealt to each of the player’s hands. As with most blackjack games, you must try to get as close to 21 as possible without busting. Hitting, standing, splitting and doubling down are present in this blackjack game. Dealers stand on 17 or more. So far, everything seems normal.

The side-bets in the game is where Lucky Ladies comes into its own. Players can win additional prizes for landing queens and totals of 20, making the game far more attractive.


Aside from the standard 3:2 win for instant blackjack, and 1:1 for any win, there are also 5 side-bets you can place, as mentioned above. If they have placed a side-bet, Blackjack: Lucky Ladies can see players win even money with any queen appearing in their hand. Payouts of 3:1 are up for grabs with another 20-point hand, whilst a suited 20-poitn hand is worth 10:1. If you match two identical 10-point cards in a hand, then you can at a rate of 30:1. Bag two Queen of Hearts in your hand and you will win 100:1.


There are many blackjack variants out there with side-bets which just aren’t worth your time. The side-bets in Blackjack: Lucky Ladies certainly are, since your odds are decent of landing face cards and 10s. The house edge in Lucky Ladies is just 0.37%, which is tiny. The only real shame is that Lucky Ladies hasn’t gathered as much attention as this blackjack variant surely deserves.