Big Money Slingo Bonus Slot

Big Money Slingo Bonus is a slot/bingo fusion game, and one which is not particularly easy to get your hands on. The game is ideal for mobile users, with its basic touch and prod style gameplay. Players are required to choose 1 of 6 locations to start playing, namely Diamond Peak, Golden Fields, Jokers Hamlet, Lucky Gulch, Royal Forest or Smugglers Cove. From there, players must try to make the maximum number of lines they possibly can do. Every spin (you get 6) will see you bag a number or a free spin. Jokers count as already checked boxes. The more lines you can bag, the bigger the prizes you can win. It really is as simple as that.

Placing bets

Wagering is a pretty simple affair in this game. The bingo/slot fusion game offers fixed bets. These can range from a floor of 50p per spin, although if you wish to push the boat out, you can wager as much as £15 per spin. Understandably, the more you wager per spin (per game, if you prefer), the larger the value of the cash prizes you can win.


Big Money Slingo Bonus can see players able to win as much as £250,000 in total. The exact amount you can win varies depending on the amount staked. You can see the exact cash prizes which are available by looking at the values around the 5×5 grid. Once a line has been completed, players will pocket a cash prize based on the value of that line. Understandably, some lines are more difficult to land than others.

Big Money Slingo Bonus is a simple game and one which shouldn’t cause too much trouble for players. Being an instant win game, it is hardly going to ramp up the excitement levels of players, though.