Baccarat Squeeze

About Baccarat Squeeze

Baccarat Squeeze launched in 2016 and is one of the more original and creative live dealer baccarat variants to be launched by Evolution Gaming. It is streamed live out of Riga, features 8 decks of cards, no random shuffle and can be played on mobile and tablet devices, as well as PCs. Players will note that unlike other baccarat games from this developer, they can adjust the cameras in this game, and expect high-quality HD streams to boot. More popular with players in Macao casinos, the “squeeze” feature allows players to get a sneak peek at the face-down card.

Placing bets

Baccarat Squeeze is played with your general punto banco and baccarat rules, and that means that players can bet on either the banker or player hands, as well as bet on a tie if they wish. Additional side-bets include betting on whether the banker or the player will end up with a pair. Wagers themselves are moderately cheap, effectively allowing all players the chance to try their hand at the baccarat game with a twist.


As is customary with any baccarat game (whether it is a live dealer title or otherwise) players are expected to pay a 5% commission on their 1:1 winnings when betting on the banker’s hand. Your true pay-out is thus 0.95:1. Wins of 1:1 can be had when you bet on the player’s hand successfully, whilst ties pay out at 8:1. If you bet on either the banker or player hand having a pair, and it comes good, you can walk away with wins worth 11:1, although as you might imagine, this is rare.


If you’re after a traditional game of live baccarat, but fancy an added twist, then the “squeeze” aspect of this Evolution Gaming developed live dealer title must just suffice. Sure, the game is relatively basic in terms of other features (how complex can baccarat get), but with clear crisp graphics, and those handy side-bets, there is much to like about this live dealer casino game.