Baccarat Live

Extreme Live Gaming’s Baccarat live is a live dealer casino game which is based on classic baccarat. Far from being your run of the mill baccarat game, this live baccarat dealer game is based on a Macau-style of the game, which features a six-card lay-out. The Asian favourite also contains a high-roller feature and one which offers players the option of playing via their computers, mobile phones, tablets or even internet-ready televisions. The stream for this live baccarat game comes from London.

Placing bets

As we’ve said, Baccarat Live happens to be a high-roller game if you wish it to be. As well as being able to place small-scale wagers on this live dealer table game, players can also wager considerably larger sums, as is often their wish with baccarat games. Players will find that Extreme Live Gaming’s Baccarat Live allows players to stake wagers on the Player, Banker, or Tie, with some variants of the game allowing a Super 6 side-bet. The types of side-bets can also vary depending from casino to casino. A number of casinos offer big/small and pair side-bets for players, but this is certainly not standard to one particular Baccarat Live game.


There is nothing out of the ordinary with the winnings in the Baccarat Live game. Players who bet on the player hand and win can pocket wins of 1:1. Players who bet on the banker and win can pocket prizes worth 0.95:1, considering the standard 5% commission to the house which you normally expect to pay when playing baccarat games. Betting on a tie is a long shot, but if it is successful, players can expect to pocket wins worth 8:1.


Baccarat Live is certainly the live dealer casino game for high-rollers who love a spot of baccarat. However, if you are just after a spot of standard baccarat gaming, there are very few differences between this game and several of the other baccarat titles which have been designed and developed by Extreme Live Gaming.