Baccarat Control Squeeze

About Baccarat Control Squeeze

Evolution Gaming already have a baccarat game which features the “squeeze” add-on, which effectively allows players to get a sneak peek at the face-down card. Given that, what else could EG bring to the table with this game? Well, the “control” aspect of this baccarat game, actively allows players to control the squeeze. It’s only a minor add-on, but one which may appeal to players. Baccarat Control Squeeze is streamed live in HD out of Riga in Latvia and contains multiple camera angles, so you can customise the action. There is no random shuffle feature in this game, although side-bets are possible in this mobile-friendly live dealer casino game.

Placing bets

Betting is not as cheap in this game as it is in the standard Baccarat Squeeze from Evolution Gaming. In fact, a hand will cost you at least £5 a game, although it can rise as high as £15,000 in total. As you can imagine, that rules out those players who are operating on shoestring budgets, making Baccarat Control Squeeze a medium to high-roller live dealer baccarat game.


There are no discrepancies with the payouts in this game, with standard baccarat payouts up for grabs. Players who bet on the player’s hand can win 1:1, whilst betting on the banker’s hand coughs up 1:1 (minus the standard 5% commission rate). All tied hands pay out at 8:1 if you happened to bet on them.

Side-bets are also available in this game, and if you bet on the banker or the player having a pair, you will win 11:1, respectively.


Unless you are specifically interested in the overlaying card mask squeeze feature in this baccarat game, there isn’t too much new for you to enjoy. Evolution Gaming have done a good job in creating a new type of baccarat variant without adjusting the rules or payouts of the game too much. Getting to grips with this game won’t be everybody’s cup of tea, but there are other squeeze variants from this developer which cost far cheaper if the stakes are a problem for you.