Auto Roulette

Extreme Live Gaming’s Auto Roulette – Low Limit is the perfect table game for players who don’t have an ample supply of cash to splash. This low-budget roulette game is a part of ELG’s live dealer casino suite, although it is not a true live dealer title. It features high video quality and is one of the few mobile-friendly live dealer titles you can come across. In terms of gameplay, Auto Roulette – Low Limit does not feature a human dealer on the screen (although there is one you can speak to) and is based on European roulette rules, with the house edge being fixed at 2.7%. Players will find that hot and cold numbers and stat centres are present in this roulette title.

Placing bets

This European roulette variant not only contains your usual inside and outside bets, but also offers up tiers, orphelins, and voisins du zero bets which you would more commonly find in French roulette. Players can use chip sizes which range from £1 up to £100 to place bets in this auto roulette title. There are other variants of this auto roulette game, and those are best suited for medium to high-rolling players.


The winnings in this roulette game are standard fare. Players betting on outside bets such as colours, evens, odds, high or low bets can pocket wins worth 1:1. Dozens and column bets are worth 2:1, whilst inside bets such as corners and trios are worth 8:1 and 11:1, respectively. Players can hope to bag wins of 11:1 for streets, whilst splits are worth 17:1. The top prize is a 35:1 pay-out for players who successfully win with a straight-up bet on a single number.


Auto Roulette – Low Limit is suitable for players on petite budgets, but, even then, there are cheaper roulette games out there for players who like to keep a tight grasp on the purse strings. Players will find the auto roulette style of gameplay exciting, and this makes this Extreme Live Gaming developed table game worth a look, even if it ends up not being your cup of tea.