Auto Roulette VIP

About Auto Roulette VIP

It seems a bit of a misguided title for a roulette game. How can a live dealer roulette game also be automatic? Well, the live stream is real enough, but there is no deal necessary. Instead, the ball is automated and is fired from a slingshot onto the roulette wheel every so often, after one game ends. Auto Roulette VIP (as its name suggests) can be a costly affair (if you let it) but it doesn’t have to be that way. The roulette game has been designed and developed by Evolution Gaming and is streamed from their hub in Riga, Latvia. Expect a basic roulette game which is based on European roulette rules with this title. Unlike some other live dealer roulette games, this one is available around the clock.

Placing bets

Wagers can really cheap or really costly, depending on how you wish to play this game. The Auto Roulette VIP game can, at its cheapest cost just 20p per game. However, if you’ve got cash to burn, you may wish to wager as much as £20,000 a game on this title. The camera angles in this game can be adjusted so you can get a better overview of the table or the wheel (as per your preference) and there are plenty of different ways you can bet here.


Payouts in the Auto Roulette VIP game range from 1:1 for standard even money bets, but you can extend those winnings to 35:1 if you manage to pull off a straight-up bet. There are no side-bets in this game, and thus players needn’t worry about hidden paytables. It is worth noting that this roulette game (which is based on the principle of European roulette) has a house edge of roughly 2.70%, in line with all other European roulette titles.


The rate of play in Auto Roulette VIP is very fast. Players are going to be expected to know what they want to bet on in such a short space of time. The game is agreeable in the sense that both players who prefer low stakes, and those who prefer sizeable ones can both wager on this game.