7’s to Burn

About 7s to Burn

Barcrest’s 7s to Burn slot machine game is your basic, run-of-the-mill classic slot machine game. This is a slot which features fruit, stars, bells, bars and other classic fruit machine imagery upon its reels, and offers a high-roller mode for players who have more moolah to spend than your average Joe gambler. 7s to Burn is hardly going to excite the masses, but if you want a slot machine which offers you a simple, retro, one-armed bandit gaming experience, this could be it. There are just 5 paylines spread over the 5 reels of this slot, and players can adjust them as they see fit. Wagers range from a floor of just 1p per line per spin, up to a capped maximum ceiling bet of £50 a pop. Few players are going to wager that kind of cash on this game, though. In terms of what you can win, a non-progressive jackpot worth 250x your total bet can be scooped in the 7s to Burn slot.

Special features

Despite being a classic slot machine game, there are a few endearing features in this game which you might not ordinarily expect to find in such a game. Wilds and high roller spins make up those features.
To kick off with, wild symbols can appear on the reels of the base game, but not the free spins bonus. The trouble with Hot 7s (wild symbols) is that they can only replace other standard red sevens on the reels, and not other symbols. That makes them practically useless most of the time.
Bonus features

Truth be told, the high roller spins isn’t really a special feature. It can be triggered as an optional bet (which will cost you more). Players will see that all seven symbols are now wild icons, and that can boost your chances of winning. Unfortunately, prizes have their values halved when this feature is active.


The sheer cheek of charging players extra for more wilds, and then cutting the value of the prizes in half is going to infuriate players, and there is little wonder why 7s to Burn has failed to attract the masses to its reels.